Message From The Chair

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the Sociology Department at the University of Virginia! Our overriding goals are as follows...
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Spotlight on Sociology

  • Article by Simone Polillo

    Click through to read Prof. Simone Polillo's new article, "Theorizing Efficient Markets: A Sociology of Financial Ideas" in European Journal of Sociology

  • Sociology Undergraduate Symposium 2015

    Click and see some of the pictures from the Sociology Undergraduate Symposium on Wednesday, April 29. Your fellow students, including the Distinguished Majors and President Sullivan's Interns, presented their work. We envision this as both an intellectual and a social occasion - a fitting end to a year's/semester's hard work and inquiry. (more)

  • LIFE WITH SOCIOLOGY: A Conversation with President Sullivan

    The Department of Sociology organized an informal meeting with fellow sociologist President Teresa Sullivan, last Friday, April 17. It was a very special event - the first of its kind - and we are incredibly grateful to President Sullivan who cleared time in her immensely busy schedule specifically for this occasion. (more)

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