Message From The Chair

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the Sociology Department at the University of Virginia! Our overriding goals are as follows...
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Spotlight on Sociology

  • Sociology Departmental Statement on Sexual Violence

    Click here to view the Departmental Statement on Sexual Violence, signed by Sociology Faculty Members:

    Rae Blumberg, Sarah Corse, Elizabeth Gorman, Thomas M. Guterbock, Paul W. Kingston,
    Krishan Kumar, Ekaterina Makarova, Jeffrey Olick, Sabrina Pendergrass, Simone Polillo,
    Andrea Press, Allison Pugh, Rachel Rinaldo, Josipa Roksa, Adam Slez, Miranda Waggoner,
    W. Bradford Wilcox

  • Economy & Family

    Professor Allison Pugh's work was mentioned in a Bloomberg financial blog. More Info

  • ATTN undergrads:

    Looking for new classes to register for? How about SOC 3110 Intro to Survey Research Methods, SOC 3440 Chinese Society, SOC 3559 Sociology of American Film, SOC 3620 The Afterlives of Communism, SOC 4053 Sociology of Education, or SOC 4740 Sociological Perspectives on Trauma, Atrocity, & Responsibility? More info on SIS.

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