Summer orientation for transfer students 2014

Information for transfer students who wish to declare sociology as their major:

Please read our Handbook for Majors and Minors: it contains all you need to know about the sociology major.

Here you will find answers to some frequently asked questions.

1. When will I be able to declare the major?

New course being offered Fall 2014!

We are excited to be offering a new course next semester, SOC 3700 Health and Society. Details are as follows; more information is available on SIS. Tuesday/Thursday 9:30am – 10:45am, Clark Hall 101. This course explores the social dimensions of health and illness, focusing especially on the social experience of illness, the social determinants of disease, and the role and meaning of medicine and public health in modern U.S. society.

New Appointment for Sociology PhD Alum

Congratulations to 2013 grad Allan McCoy, who has accepted a tenure track assistant professorship at SUNY-Plattsburgh!

Sociology Presidential Internship in the News

Arts & Sciences Faculty Forward discusses Sociology major's internship in the President's Office. More Info

Sociology of Childhood

Professor Allison Pugh's article in Theory and Society discusses how independence, insecurity, and inequality from children's perspectives can contribute to the broader context of social theory.

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Marriage: Better or Worse?

Professor Brad Wilcox is mentioned in an article from The New York Times which discusses whether marriages are more or less successful now than in the past.

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Morality & Media Reception

PhD Candidate Roscoe Scarborough and 2013 PhD Grad Allan McCoy have a new article in the Journal of Consumer culture discussing moral reactions to reality TV.

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Bypass Survey

Professor Tom Guterbock and the Center for Survey Research recently released results from a study indicating that a majority of residents are in favor of the Western Bypass.

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The Ritual of Gift Exchange

Sociology Professor Emeritus Ted Caplow studied Christmas gift giving, and here's what he found...

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Keep on Truckin'

PhD Candidate Ben Snyder examines the workplace and how it affects workers, taking a hands-on approach by immersing himself in the truck driving and bond trading environments.

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