Colloquium - Claudrena Harold

November 30, 2017

Film and Discussion - 'Sugarcoated Arsenic' (2014)

The film features Vivian Gordon – a Black feminist sociologist, activist, and poet – who received her PhD in Sociology from UVA in 1974 and taught in the department until 1980, while also chairing the Black Studies program here at the university. (Murray Milner knew her very well). In exploring the intellectual, social, and political lives of Black students and faculty at UVA in the 1970s the film draws on rare archival material (audio reels, discarded photographs, local newspapers).  However it is not strictly speaking a documentary: the film is
performed by current UVA students. 

 The film has been shown at the Oberhausen Short Film festival in Germany and the Rotterdam International Film Festival in the Netherlands. Claudrena co-directed it with an award-winning experimental filmmaker, Kevin Everson (who teaches at the UVA Art Department).

Key Speaker/Guest of Event: 
Claudrena Harold
Affliation/Title of Key Speaker/Guest: 
Professor, Department of History, University of Virginia
Event Location: 
Robertson Hall Room 227
Date of event: 
Thursday, November 30, 2017 - 3:30pm