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David Skubby
Assistant Professor, General Faculty

Beginning in Fall 2017, David Skubby will be joining the Sociology Department as Assistant Professor, General Faculty of Sociology.  

His interests include Social Construction of Autism and Mental Illness, Families and Autism, Mental Illness and the Family, Sociology of Medicine, Health and Illness, Sociological Theory, Research Methods, Sociology of the Body, Disabilities. 

Selected Publications

Published Articles

Harry J. Sivec, Vicki L. Montesano, David Skubby, Kristen Knepp, Mark R. Munetz. 2017. “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Psychosis (CBT-p) Delivered in a Community Mental Health Setting: A Case Comparison of Clients Receiving CBT Informed Strategies by Case Managers Prior to Therapy.” Community Mental Health Journal 53:134-142.

David Skubby,
Natalie Bonfine, Hattie Tracy, Kristen Knepp, and Mark R. Munetz. 2015. “The Help-Seeking Experiences of Parents of Children with a First Episode of Psychosis: A Qualitative Report on Encounters with Social Networks.” Community Mental Health Journal.

David Skubby, Natalie Bonfine, Meghan Novisky, Mark R. Munetz, and Christian Ritter. 2012. “Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Programs in Rural Communities: A Focus Group Study.” Community Mental Health Journal 49(6):756-764.

Mary Gallagher, David Skubby, Natalie Bonfine, Mark R. Munetz, and Jennifer L. S. Teller. 2011.  “Recognition and Understanding of Goals and Roles: The Key Internal Features of Mental Health Court Teams.” International Journal of Law and Psychiatry 34:406-413.



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