Curriculum Vitae
Fiona Greenland
Assistant Professor of Sociology

Fiona Rose Greenland is Assistant Professor of Sociology.

Her interests include state formation, social theory, science and technology studies, nationalism, sociology of culture, archaeology, art/science studies, and ethnographic methods 

Selected Publications

Published Articles

2018. Greenland, F.R. "Material culture and the problem of agency, "American Journal of Cultural Sociology. doi: 10.1057/s41290-017-0054-6.

Forthcoming. Greenland, F.R. "The Central Park Obelisk and the importance of materiality in consecration," American Behavior Scientist. Cultural Consecration special issue (eds. T. Dowd & V. Schmutz)

2017. Greenland, F.R. "Freeports and steel containers: The corpora delicti of artefact trafficking," History and Anthropology 1: 15-20.

2016. Greenland, F.R. “Universalism, Nationalism, and the Italian Model of Repatriation” Brown Journal of World Affairs, 26(1).

2016. Rose-Greenland, F. “Color Perception in Sociology: Materiality and authenticity at the Gods in Color show.” Sociological Theory 34(2): 81-105.

2016. Hirschman, D., E. Berrey and F. Rose-Greenland. “Dequantifying diversity: affirmative action and admissions at the University of Michigan.” Theory and Society 45(3): 265-301.

2015. Lachmann, R. and F. Rose-Greenland. “Why we Fell: Declinist Writing and Theories of Imperial Failure in the Longue Durée.” Poetics 50: 1-19.

2014. Rose-Greenland, F. “Looters, Collectors, and a Passion for Antiquities at the Margins of Italian Society.” Journal of Modern Italian Studies 19 (5): 570-582.

2013. Rose-Greenland, F. “Seeing the Unseen: Prospective Loading and Knowledge Forms in Archaeological Discovery.” Qualitative Sociology 36(3): 251-277. 10/2016 2

2013. Rose-Greenland, F. “The Parthenon Marbles as Icons of Nationalism in 19th Century Britain: From pre-national to supra-national.” Nations and Nationalism 19 (4): 654-673.

2010. Smock, P.J. and F. Rose-Greenland, “Diversity in Pathways to Parenthood in the U.S.: Patterns, Implications, and Emerging Research Directions.” Journal of Marriage and the Family 72(3): 576-593.

2007. Rose-Greenland, F. “Table for One: Drinking alone on women’s grave monuments from Roman Celtiberia.” Ancient West and East 6: 113-134.

2006. Greenland, F. “Devotio Iberica and the manipulation of ancient history to suit Spain's mythic nationalist past.” Greece and Rome 53(2): 235-251.

2003. Rose, F. “Text and image in Celtiberia: The adoption and adaptation of written language into indigenous visual vocabulary.” Oxford Journal of Archaeology 22(2): 155-176.


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