Master's Colloquium

March 22, 2018

Colin Arnold
Talking Trade: the Divisive Articulation of Trade in American Politics
Advisor:  Jennifer Bair

Brooke Dinsmore

    Our World and Their World": The Integration of Digital Technologies in Schools through a Cultural Logic of Separation
Advisor:  Jennifer Bair

Alex Sutton
The Composition of Success: competition and the creative self in contemporary art music
    Advisor:  Isaac Reed

Bailey Troia

    "But am I a woman?": Dimensions of fluidity amoung LGBTQ+ young millennials
    Advisor:  Andrea Press

Key Speaker/Guest of Event: 
Colin Arnold, Brooke Dinsmore, Aex Sutton, Bailey Troia
Affliation/Title of Key Speaker/Guest: 
University of Virginia
Event Location: 
Robertson Hall 258
Date of event: 
Thursday, March 22, 2018 - 3:30pm