Presidential Internship 2017

Congratulations to fourth-year Sociology majors Kimia Nikseresht and Minh Bui who have been selected as interns in President Sullivan's office for the Spring 2017 semester! 
We are proud that President Sullivan chose to continue the program of student internships in the President's office with the Sociology Department. The interns will use the skills that they have learned in Sociology courses in the practical operations of a large formal organization such as the University of Virginia. President Sullivan also wants to use her interactions with the interns as a window on student life.

Kimia Nikseresht

My name is Kimia Nikseresht and I am a Sociology and Spanish double major, on the pre-law track. I was born in Shiraz, Iran and am incredibly proud of my Persian identity, as well as my array of experiences as a first-generation immigrant. I find myself incredibly grateful to The University of Virginia's exceptional Department of Sociology for offering me the tools to explore and better understand the social phenomena that have so personally impacted my personal, academic, and professional life, and hope to continue applying these tools to give back to the University throughout this internship. Additionally, I hope to utilize the same skills in my future endeavors in the practice of law.

 Throughout my time here at UVa, I have been very involved with the Women's Center, currently serving as the Assistant Editor to Iris Magazine. I have also worked closely with UVa football in recruiting, where I have found incredible mentors and opportunities that will last a lifetime. Furthermore, I am the vice president of Theta Nu Xi Multicultural Society, Inc. - an organization in the Multicultural Greek Council that is based on embracing sisterhood across different races, cultures, religions, backgrounds, and lifestyles. 

Minh Bui

My name is Minh Bui and I am a fourth-year student from Northern Virginia. I came to the University of Virginia as a second-year transfer after spending a year at the College of William and Mary and I have loved every second here at UVA. This University has brought me so many great opportunities and I am so grateful to be surrounded by so many passionate students and faculty.

In addition to studying Sociology, I am currently a special events intern at Monticello through the University Internship Program and am a part of the University Programs Council and Relay For Life. I hope to go into event planning after graduation so I am super excited to be the President's Intern for the Bicentennial, an event that I hope will bring together the entire UVA community to celebrate all of our accomplishments and diversity. 


For more information on President Teresa Sullivan, view the President's webpage.
Presidential Internship 2017