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Sarah Corse


Sarah M. Corse is Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Virginia. She is a member of the Faculty Committee for Studies in Women and Gender, and is a fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture. Professor Corse received a Ph.D. from Stanford University in 1991 and a B.A. from Yale University, cum laude with Distinction in the Major, in 1981.

Professor Corse is the author of Nationalism and Literature: The Politics of Culture in Canada and the United States published by Cambridge University Press in 1997. This historical and cultural analysis of national literature demonstrates the self-conscious role elites assign to the identification and promotion of a canonical national literature. In addition to her work on national literature, Professor Corse has studied the process of literary canonization, changes in artistic training, and difficulties with organizational innovation. Her work has been published in the Encyclopedia of Sociology, Social Forces, Sociological Forum, Poetics, Journal of High Technology Management Research, Research on Technological Innovation, Management and Policy, and Current Research in Occupations and Professions. Professor Corse is currently working on research projects examining engineering culture and organizational change and patterns of adolescent reading across leisure and school contexts.

Professor Corse has presented her research at numerous professional meeting across the country as well as at invited talks at universities including Princeton, Chicago, and Duke. She has taught Executive Education programs through the University of Virginia as well as consulting through Virginia's Survey Research Center and SRI International in Palo Alto, CA. Professor Corse teaches courses at the undergraduate and graduate level on the sociology of culture, art , and literature, on qualitative methods, on American business, and on gender and science.

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University of Virginia Sociology Department
Randall 219
P.O. Box 400766
Charlottesville, VA 22904

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Undergraduate Level

  • SOC 1010 (101) - Introductory Sociology
  • SOC 2559 - Environment & Society
  • SOC 2790 (279) - Sociology of American Business
  • SOC 3595 - Sociology of Tourism
  • SOC 4070 (407) - Sociology of Art
  • SOC 408 - Arts and Politics
  • SOC 4090 (409) - Sociology of Literature
  • SOC 4600 (460) - Gender and Culture
  • SOC 4980/4981 (498) - Distinguished Majors Seminar

Graduate Level

  • SOC 5056 (556) - Sociology of Culture
  • SOC 5100 (510) - Research Design and Methods
  • SOC 5140 (514) - Qualitative Research Methods
  • SOC 8030/8040 (803/804) - Seminar on Sociological Issues
  • SOC 846 - Advanced Topics in Sociology of Culture
  • SOC 7559 - Sociological Approaches to Music, Art & Literature

University Seminars

  • USEM 171 - Culture & Nationalism: Reading America
  • USEM 171 - Women and Popular Literature