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Thomas Guterbock


Thomas M. Guterbock is Director of the Center for Survey Research, Professor of Sociology, and Associate Professor for Research in Health Evaluation Sciences at the University of Virginia, where he teaches survey research methods at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Educated at Yale and the University of Chicago (Ph.D., Sociology, 1976). Guterbock is author of numerous publications in political sociology, urban sociology, the sociology of community, and research methods. From 1983 to 1985 Guterbock managed the Sociology program of the National Science Foundation. In his role as founding director of CSR he has been involved in scores of survey projects for state and local government agencies, academic and health researchers with federal or foundation grants, non-profits, and some private-sector clients. Since 1993 he has directed the annual citizen-satisfaction surveys that CSR conducts for Prince William County, Virginia.

Among his publications ar "Why Money Magazine's Best Places Keep Changing" (Public Opinion Quarterly 1997); "Race-of-Interviewer Effects in a Pre-Election Pll" (with Steven Finkel and Marian Borg, Public Opinion Quarterly 1991); "Community of Interest" (Sociological Practice Review 1990); "Race, Political Orientation, and Participation" (with Bruce London, American Sociological Review 1983); and his book about Chicago politics, Machine Politics in Transition (University of Chicago Press 1980). His recent research reports include Maintaining America's Social Fabric: The AARP Survey of Civic Involvement; a report to the Virginia Department of Health, Evaluation of the Virginia Fatherhood Media Campaign; and statewide customer satisfaction surveys designed for the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. Guterbock is an active member of the American Association for Public Opinion Research and the American Sociological Association. Further information on CSR is available via the World Wide Web at

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Center for Survey Research
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Undergraduate Level

  • SOC 3110 - Intro to Survey Research Methods
  • SOC 3120 (312) - Sociology Research Workshop
  • SOC 495 - Sociology Research Workshop

Graduate Level

  • SOC 5110 (511) - Survey Research Methods
  • SOC 832 - Communites and Social Capital