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Julia Ticona
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Data & Society Research Institute - New York, NY

Matthew Braswell 
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, IASC


Research Associate, Health Policy at Optimal Solutions Group - College Park, MD

Brice McKeever
Research associate, The Urban Institute - Washington, DC

  Megan Juelfs-Swanson

Anne Castelvecchi Bloomberg
Visiting Scholar at Univ of CA Hastings College of the Law, Center for Gender and Refugee Studies, San Francisco, CA
US Citizenship & Immigration Services, San Francisco, CA

Roscoe Scarborough

Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology, Franklin and Marshall College - Lancaster, PA

Fan Mai
Research Fellow at the Center for Technology, Society & Policy, UC-Berkeley

Michael Wayne
Post-doctoral scholar, Ben Gurion University of the Negev

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Yuliya Dudaronak
Research Executive, ORB International - Charlottesville, VA
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Travis Research Institute, Fuller Graduate School of Psychology

Madison Sandy
University Innovation Fellow, Office of University Initiatives, Arizona State University - Tempe, AZ


Seung Bong Jeon

Charles Allan McCoy
Assistant Professor, SUNY-Plattsburgh

David Morris
Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology, College of Charleston

Christina Simko
Assistant Professor of Sociology, Williams College

Benjamin Snyder
School of Social and Cultural Studies, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Tara Tober
Assistant Professor of Sociology, SUNY Brockport

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Mary Caler
Lecturer, Sociology Department, Belmont University - Nashville, TN

Deborah Rexrode
Associate for Stewardship, Presbytery of the James - Richmond, VA

Hephzibah Strmic-Pawl
Assistant Professor of Sociology, Manhattanville College - Purchase,NY

Julia Wartenberg
Senior Policy Researcher, American Foundation for the Blind - Washington, DC

Haiming Yan
Associate Research Fellow, Chinese Academy of Cultural Heritage - Beijing

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Sema Akboga
Instructor, History Department, Koc University, Istanbul

Tristan Bridges
Assistant Professor of Sociology, UC - Santa Barbara

Jeffrey Dill
Research Assistant Professor of Social Thought and Co-director of the Institute for
Civic Virtue and the Common Good - Eastern University, St. Davids, PA

View Jeff Dill's website

Ja Hyouk "Kyle" Koo

Jason Manning
Assistant Professor of Sociology, Division of Sociology and Anthropology, West Virginia University

Daniel Potter
American Institutes for Research (AIR), Washington DC

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Alana Bibeau
Full-time Lecturer in Women's Studies and Sociology, University of Rhode Island

Young-Il Kim
Research Assistant Professor, Baylor University, Institute for the Study of Religion - Waco, TX

Tony Tian-Ren Lin
Research Fellow, Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture, University of Virginia

Robert McConnell
Lecturer, University of Virginia, Department of Sociology

Carey Sargent
Instruction and Research Consultant for Social Sciences in Scholarship Technology - Occidental College, CA
View Carey Sargent's website

Jennifer Silva
Assistant Professor of Sociology, Bucknell University - Lewisburg, PA

Tatiana Omeltchenko-Tatarchevskiy
Adjunct Lecturer, Sacred Heart University - Fairfield, CT

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Bhavani Arabandi
Assistant Professor of Sociology, Ithaca College

Gayle D'Andrea
Professor of Sociology, J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College, Richmond, VA

David Franz
Director, Shafter Schools Project, Shafter, CA

Matthew Hughey
  Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Connecticut
View Matthew Hughey's website

Kenneth Oman

Justin Snyder
Assistant Professor of Sociology & Criminal Justice, St. Francis University, Loretto, PA

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Bradley K. Campbell
Associate Professor, California State University - Los Angeles, CA

Jens Ilje Elle

Holly Lord
Research Scientist, Behavioral Health & Technology Lab,
Dept. of Psychiatry & Neurobehavioral Sciences, University of Virginia

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Shannon Anderson
Assistant Professor- Roanoke College

Laura Holian
Associate Director, Insight Policy Research, Inc. - Arlington, VA

Glenn Lucke
Founder, Docent Group

Michael Hightower
Independent scholar and
Principal researcher for the Oklahoma Bank and Commerce History Project

Visit Dr. Hightower's website

Kimberly Hoosier
Professor of Sociology, Piedmont Virginia Community College - Charlottesville, VA

Victoria Rankin
Senior Researcher, American Institutes for Research - Washington, DC
Assistant Research Professor of Sociology, George Washington University - Washington, DC

Julia Wilson
Assistant Professor, Emory & Henry College - Emory, VA

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Christopher Einolf
Assistant Professor, DePaul University - Chicago, IL

Joshua Yates
Research Assistant Professor of Sociology, and
Director of the Program on Culture, Capitalism, and Global Change
Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture, University of Virginia

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Ellis Godard
Associate Professor, California State University - Northridge, CA

Margaret Gonsoulin
Associate Professor, California State University - Fresno, CA

Felicia Wu Song
Associate Professor & Chair of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology,
Westmont College - Santa Barbara, CA

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Erika Austin
Assistant Professor, University of Alabama - Birmingham

Patricia Goerman
Post-Doc, Census Bureau

Jennifer Johnson
Assistant Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University - Richmond, VA

Dustin Kidd
Associate Professor, Temple University - Philadelphia, PA

Markella Rutherford
Associate Professor, Wellesley College - MA

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Paul Aldo
Managing Partner IPS, LLC

Douglas Marshall
Assistant Professor, University of South Alabama - Mobile, AL

Brian Meekins
Survey Methods Researcher, Research Bureau of Labor Statistics

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Erin Davis
Associate Professor, Cornell College - Mount Vernon, IA

Christopher Hickey
Director, China Office, U.S. Food and Drug Administration - Beijing

Steve Jones
Associate Professor, Grove City College - PA

Stephanie Lake
Assistant Professor, Adelphi University - Garden City, NY

Karlin Luedtke
Assistant Professor, Studies in Women and Gender,
and Association Dean for the International Residential College, University of Virginia

Marcus (Mahmood) Kondkar
Associate Professor, Loyola University - New Orleans, LA

Bess Rothenberg
Associate Director, Center for the Study of Human Rights, Columbia University - NY

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Alison Albers
Assistant Professor, School of Public Health Boston University - MA

Syed Ali
Assistant Professor, Long Island University - Brooklyn, NY

William Lockhart
Associate Professor, McLennan Community College - Waco, TX

Brian Lowe
Associate Professor, SUNY-Oneonta

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Randolph Atkins
Social Science Researcher, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration - Washington, D.C.

Brenda Beach
Criminologist, employed by a Criminal Defense Attorney

Joanne Cohoon
Associate Professor, Engineering-STS Department, University of Virginia

Karen Farber
Director, University Internship Program, University of Virginia

Edith Raphael

Joseph Spear
Assistant Professor, James Madison University - Harrisonburg, VA

Jill Fuller
Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina - Greensboro

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Susan Bosworth
Associate Provost, Institutional Analysis & Effectiveness, College of William & Mary - Williamsburg, VA

Jack Jernigan
Senior Research Scientist, VA Department of Transportation

Karin Peterson
Associate Professor, University of North Carolina - Asheville

Kevin Schanning
Associate Professor, Northland College - Ashland, WI

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Nita Bryant
Library Faculty, Virginia Commonwealth University – Richmond, VA

Joseph Davis
Research Associate Professor in Sociology & Director of Research ,
Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture Program, University of Virginia

Monica Griffin
Director of Engaged Scholarship and the Sharpe Community Scholars Program,
College of William and Mary

Daniel Stuhlsatz
Assistant Professor, Mary Baldwin College - Staunton, VA

John Jarvis
Chief Criminologist, FBI

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Harold Bare
Senior Pastor, Covenant Church of God - Charlottesville, VA
President, HOPE Community Center - Charlottesville, VA

Dawn Baunach
Associate Professor, Georgia State University - Atlanta, GA

Beth Eck
Associate Professor, James Madison University - Harrisonburg, VA

Lisa Eorio

Daniel Johnson
Associate Professor, Gordon College - Wenham, MA

Kimon Sargeant
Director for Research & Programs, Metanexus Institute - Bryn Mawr, PA

Saundra Westervelt
Associate Professor, University of North Carolina - Greensboro

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Jeffrey Mullis
Senior Lecturer, Emory University - Atlanta, GA

James Nolan
Professor, Williams College - Williamstown, MA

Robert Shea
Director of Faculty Development, Bryant University - Smithfield, RI

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Marian Borg
Associate Professor, University of Florida - Gainesville, FL

Louis Hicks
Professor, St. Mary’s College - St. Mary's City, MD

Leonard Nance
Associate Professor, Stetson University - Deland, FL

Linda Sawyers
VISSTA Project Director, Virginia Commonwealth University - Richmond, VA

Sue Spivey
Assistant Professor, James Madison University - Harrisonburg, VA

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Virginia Fink
Assistant Professor, University of Colorado - Denver, CO

Ping-Yin Kuan
Director of the International Master's Program in Asia-Pacific Studies, NCCU, Taiwan

Michael Lewis
Assistant Professor, Christopher Newport University - Newport News, VA

Joseph Michalski
Associate Professor, King's University College, University of Western Ontario

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Michelle Byng
Associate Professor, Temple University - Philadelphia, PA

James Hawdon
Professor of Sociology and the Director of the Center for Peace Studies and Violence Prevention,
Virginia Polytechnic Institute - Blacksburg, VA

John Rice
Associate Professor, University of North Carolina - Wilmington

James Tucker
Associate Professor, University of New Hampshire - Durham, NH

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Mark Cooney
Associate Professor, University of Georgia - Athens, GA

Pau Lin Tay Straughan
Vice-Dean, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, National University of Singapore Deputy Head

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